Death Aboard the Duchess - Final Performance

October 12th at 6:30pm

Tickets $5

Instructor Lynzee Jones

Here’s a short, simple mystery that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers engaging characters and fun twists. The Duchess is the finest little ship to sail the silver seas. As the travelers and crew prepare to depart on their ocean cruise, no one would expect a murderer to be among them. When the esteemed alchemist, Dr. Grover Cadigan, goes overboard, it’s up to James Bumble, the lovable and clumsy deckhand to figure out who did it and why. Was it the mean-spirited first mate Mr. Tibbons or the always calm Captain Cooper? It couldn’t have been the demanding rich lady or her overworked butler. How about the reporter running from her mistakes? Maybe it was the newlywed couple or the beautiful lounge singer. Whoever it was, Death Aboard the Duchess is sure to keep your audience guessing and laughing until the very end.

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